Rules and regulations

The relationships among students, professors and administrative staff should be based on politeness and mutual respect, taking into account the dignity and needs of people with whom you interact. Discrimination of individuals or groups based on age, sex, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy, personal conditions or other characteristics considered discriminatory must be avoided.

Students are required to learn and comply with the provisions governing their activities at the university and in particular the University Regulations for Doctoral Programmes, the Internal Rules of their specific PhD programme, the Code of Ethics of the University, the Regulations for the Students of the University of Trento, the Honour Code for Students and the Student Charter of rights and obligations (Carta dei Diritti e dei Doveri delle Studentesse e degli Studenti dell’Università degli Studi di Trento - the English version will be published as soon as available).

The rights and duties of the PhD students are governed by:

  • Art. 27 of the University Regulations for Doctoral Programmes
  • specific provisions in the Internal Rules
application/pdfCode of Ethics(PDF | 239 KB)
application/pdfRegulations for Students of the University of Trento(PDF | 212 KB)
application/pdfStudents Honour Code(PDF | 151 KB)

Plagiarism and improper use

University members must avoid any form of plagiarism or improper use of another's intellectual activity. Any plagiarism or improper use of intellectual work is even more serious if it results from negligence or abuse of a hierarchical or academic position. With particular regard to the drafting of theses and written work, as well as in the performance of the exams, it is the specific responsibility of the individual university member to respect these rules and avoid all forms of plagiarism and dishonest conduct. It is also the responsibility of each university member to report any case of plagiarism or improper use of another's intellectual work of which he or she becomes aware.


Students on a co-tutelle path must respect the activities of study and research established in the agreement with the partner university.

Reserved scholarships

Scholarships funded by external bodies, providing for the research on a specific topic, oblige the student to carry out this specific activity.

Admission to subsequent years or final examination

At the end of each Academic Year, the PhD Programme Committee assesses the educational and research activity carried out by each PhD student and decides on the admission to the following year or to the final examination. A negative assessment may result in the exclusion from the PhD Programme (Art. 27, co. 4 of the University Regulations for Doctoral Programmes).


Regularly enrolled PhD students in the performance of institutional activities specifically authorized in Italy or abroad are covered by two types of insurance:

  • on-the-job injuries (accident insurance)
  • civil liability for damages caused to other people or things (third party liability insurance)

Please note that the mentioned insurance do not substitute the mandatory health insurance.

application/pdfPersonal Accident Policy(PDF | 266 KB)