PhD students may withdraw from their programme at any time, by filling in the form and sending it to the Director of the Doctoral School and to the related Doctoral Office.
After quitting their studies, PhD students no longer have the right to receive their residual share of the scholarship.

In case of renunciation, suspension, exclusion or forfeiture, the monthly scholarship is paid only for periods equal to or greater than 15 days.

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The Doctoral Committee may decide to exclude students from the Programme in the following cases:

  • negative opinion by the Doctoral Committee for non satisfactory results obtained by the PhD student in his/her periodical research reports during the year;
  • negative opinion given by the Doctoral Committee regarding admittance to the following year;
  • if students accept to carry out professional services without the Doctoral Committee’s authorization;
  • unjustified and long absences;
  • any reason specifically expressed in the rules and regulations policy of the PhD Programme.


General information

PhD students have the right to suspend their studies in case of:

  • maternity (see below) /paternity,
  • serious and certified illness,
  • internship programmes for the training of teachers (Italian TFA).

Absence due to severe and documented personal rand/or family reasons (other than the ones listed above) must be explicitly authorized by the Doctoral Committee.

Request of suspension

Fill in the form “Request of suspension” available in the download box and send it to the Reference PhD Office, accompanied by a supporting documentation if required.
The suspension can’t be requested with retroactive effect.

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Scholarship suspension and administrative deadlines

During the suspension

  • the scholarship will be suspended and postponed for the equivalent duration;
  • no career acts and no doctoral activities can be carried out (e.g. no mobility abroad related to the PhD programme).

At the end of the suspension

As soon as students take up attendance after suspension, they are requested to submit to the proper Doctorate Office a declaration (available in box download), duly filled and signed, with the signature of approval by the Phd Programme Director.

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About Maternity temporary leave (mandatory and optional)

Based on the provisions of Legislative Decree 151/2001, Law no. 296/2006, and the Decree of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security of 12 July 2007, in the case of pregnancy, PhD attendance must be interrupted for a mandatory period of 5 months: starting from the two months preceding the expected date of birth and for the following three months (2+3), or starting from the month preceding the expected date of childbirth and for the following four months (1+4) with a doctor's approving certificate for the 8th month, or starting from the childbirth and for the next five months (0+5) following the procedure indicated below.

The first case is the standard option; for the other options, instead, by the end of the 7th month a specific request must be submitted by the mother-to-be to the reference Doctoral Office, enclosing the certificate of the gynecologist who declares that the extension of the activity up to the 8th month - or 9th month - does not prejudice the health of the pregnant woman and the unborn child (if the gynecologist does not have an agreement with the NHS-ASL it is necessary to contact the ASL to obtain this certificate).

If the PhD student is already subjected to health surveillance according to the "risk profile" linked to her activity (see below under the heading "Health and safety") the certificate of the University Competent Doctor must also be attached.

N.B. the appointment with the University Competent Doctor must be held in the week preceding the 7th month deadline. Please book the appointment in advance by contacting the Health Surveillance Office (email: sorveglianzasanitaria [at] unitn.it).

General procedure

At least 30 days from the beginning of the mandatory maternity leave, the PhD student must send a specific request to the Head of the PhD programme and, for information, to the Reference PhD Office, accompanied by a medical certificate indicating the presumed date of childbirth.

Within 15 days of the birth of the child, she must send a declaration (according to the art. 46, D.P.R. December 28th 2000, no. 445) stating the date of the birth.

Optional maternity leave (suspension from 1 month before childbirth for four months, or from childbirth for five months) 

It is possible to benefit from an additional suspension period (optional maternity leave) for a further seven months from the end of the mandatory maternity period. The request must be sent at least 15 days before the end of the mandatory leave to the Head, to the Doctoral secretariat (and, for information, to the Reference PhD Office), using the form “Optional maternity leave form” available in the download box.

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Maternity allowance

Doctoral students enrolled in INPS retirement contribution system “Gestione separata” may ask for INPS maternity allowance. Further details on requisites, amount, etc. can be found on INPS webpage or contacting directly the INPS offices. In the case of simultaneous enrollment in the Gestione separata INPS and in another social security fund, maternity leave will be subject to the discipline envisaged by the latter. Therefore, PhD students are invited to check directly with the social security institution the rules applicable to their specific situation.

Health and Safety

Pregnant ladies and their fetus can be put in danger in certain working environments facing with physical agents (e.g. ionizing and non ionizing radiation, static magnetic fields, vibrations, impacts), chemical agents (e.g. carcinogens, mutagens, toxic for reproduction), biological agents and particular working conditions (e.g. manual movements of loads, noise, thermal stress). It could be an hazard handling particular agents or working in potentially dangerous places, e.g. laboratories, mostly during the first three months of pregnancy. In order to avoid any potentially dangerous situation for pregnant women and their future child’s health, PhD students working in the above mentioned conditions, must communicate that they are pregnant to Servizio di Prevenzione e Protezione and to the Head of the organization (e.g. Department) where they work. Under guidance of the Competent Doctor any undue risk and undeserved damage will be kept off. In each stage of the pregnancy, should arise specific safeguard needs for mother or child, maternity leave can be disposed as a matter of course by the PhD Committee, upon hearing the head of the organization.

Sickness allowance

Doctoral students receiving a grant and enrolled in INPS retirement contribution system “gestione separata” and not covered by other forms of public welfare may submit to INPS a request for sickness allowance, provided that they have paid their social welfare taxes for at least 3 months over the last 12 months and that the sickness leave lasts longer than four days.

Doctoral students willing to obtain more information (pre-requisite, amounts, etc.) are kindly invited to read the content of the "Malattia" webpage of INPS.