PagoPA service is the new online payment system used for all Italian public administration payments, including university fees (e.g. doctoral programmes selections).

PagoPA ensures, through participating Payment Service Providers (hereinafter PSP), the reception of electronic payments addressed to the public administrations in a safe and reliable way.

To make your payment:

  • access to the PagoPA system with a SPID account or with your PagoPA account (you can create your own profile using your email address)
  • choose the payment method (credit card or others)
  • choose the PSP among the available ones

Then you will be redirected to another webpage (AgID “Agenzia per l’Italia Digitale”) in order to complete the payment by following the instructions.

Payments can be done through credit/debit or prepaid card, bank transfer (if your bank is enabled) or other e-payment channels (e.g. Paypal, Satispay, etc.).

 For the updated list of the participating Payment Service Providers (PSP) check the webpage

If you choose to pay by card, it is possible to select a PSP even if it is different from your bankcard one, you just need to check the correspondence of the selected circuit (Visa, MasterCard, etc.) with your card. Make sure you have enough credit on the card you want to use before making the payment.

The PSP may charge you an additional fee/commission: each PSP exposes its payment costs, so you can check in advance and choose a/the payment channel according to your needs.

Once the payment procedure is completed, a communication regarding the outcome of the transaction will be sent to your personal mailbox.