Announcement of selection

Published on this webpage on June 19, 2023.

The selection and the assignment of the additional scholarships can be only on the specific reserved topics described in the attachment Research_topics_description_PNRR_DM_117 available on this webpage.

Number of positions: 31 scholarships funded by the Italian National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP)

Mission 4, component 2 “From Research to Business”; Investment 3.3 “Introduction of innovative doctorates that respond to the innovation needs of businesses and promote the recruitment of researchers by the companies” 

to be awarded in the context of the following Doctorates:

Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering
Information Engineering and Computer Science
Industrial Innovation
Materials, Mechatronics and Systems Engineering
Agrifood and Environmental Sciences
Biomolecular Sciences

Deadline for application: July 25, 2023 – hrs. 04:00 PM (Italian time, GMT +2).

application/pdfCall for doctoral positions PNRR_DM 117(PDF | 294 KB)
application/pdfResearch_topics_description_PNRR_DM_117(PDF | 645 KB)

How to apply

Application must be sent only by the online application.
Applicants are advised to register well in advance of the deadline.
The University shall not be considered responsible for any dysfunctions due to technical problems and/or overload of the communication line and/or of the OS, for the loss of communication due to incorrect address details or late communication about possible change of address of the candidates, or for any other problem and delay due to third parties, unexpected cases or circumstances beyond one’s control.


Final ranking: published on September 18, 2023

Enrolment for admitted candidates: not later than September 26, 2023

The online application for the enrolment procedure is available at (RESERVED) PhD Programme Enrolment cycle 39 - additional scholarship NRRP.

Further information about the enrollment is available at the Enrolment 1, 2, 3 year webpage.

application/pdfGraduatorie finali_Final rankings_PNRR DM117(PDF | 229 KB)

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