JeTN is a not-for-profit student association founded in 2014 by seven students of the Department of Economics and Management of the University of Trento.

In May 2015 is was officially recognised by JADE Italia, thus becoming the first Junior Enterprise in Trentino.

The only focus of JeTN are University students who are determined to participate and learn new skills through specific training for members, where they can put into practice in real projects the lessons learned in the academic setting and discuss issues with their peers to develop their team-working and leadership abilities.

Members also have the opportunity to participate in international meetings with academics and professionals, to deepen their personal knowledge and skills.

The association is active in the areas of communication, human resources, trade and legal services.

Students are not required to have particular experience in the above areas, but must be motivated and determined in order to achieve the objectives they are assigned based on their abilities and preferences, using the “learning by doing” approach.

Given these characteristics, JeTN represents the first step from university to the world of work, presenting students with the real-life challenges that they soon will have to face.

via del Suffragio 83, Trento, Italy