Interaction Design Student Association

IDSA was founded in 2019 by the community of students of the Master's programme in Human-Computer Interaction. The purpose of the association is to respond to the needs of students who are interested in human-technology interaction, to be as helpful as possible. The association:

  1. advises the students of HTI;
  2. supports students in the organization of activities to learn skills, acquire knowledge and gain experience;
  3. provides career advice;
  4. helps students from different courses and classes connect;
  5. promotes networking activities with alumni.

The association organizes high-quality, professional-level activities, to achieve the objectives above. All activities are organized by students and aimed at students, they are designed to be useful, and involve the entire student community.

Mission Statement

Help passionate students achieve their personal, professional and academic goals. To make the most of their university experience, students are encouraged to take action, reflect and plan group activities that allow them to develop professional and personal relationships, and to improve their soft and hard skills.

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