UNITiN was founded in 2012 to unite and represent all student in Trentino. 

Today, our association has over 60 members from all departments and aims to build a student-friendly university.

We see the university as a place where students meet and discuss, a place that has more to offer than just lectures and study for the exam session.

Our dream is to create a university open to all, where university areas and spaces can be used with no limitations, where everyone can find their room for personal growth.

To achieve our goal we aim to involve every student with their technical and creative participation.

In our view, the first step toward a university open to all is to ensure the right to study so that everyone can access the services UniTrento has to offer.

It is an ambitious objective, but one that we have fought for to the point that we presented a proposal for a new right to study that was approved, thus introducing a fairer and progressive taxation.

This is our most significant achievement, but we work every day to give voice to students’ requests and to make the university a more familiar place for everyone. 

If you want to know more about us or if you have some ideas for a better university contact us: unitinews [at] gmail.com 
Or look us up on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/unitinTrento/ or on our Telegram channel http://telegram.me/unitinews'