Academic Director: prof. Roberta Raffaelli
Deputy-Director: prof. Marco Ragazzi

Duration: 3 years
Official language: all courses will be held in English starting from the first year

Educational aims

The programme provides advanced interdisciplinary knowledge and training focused on the development and implementation of models and methods in the multidisciplinary nexus of economic, environmental and social sustainability. Such models include: sustainable economic models and tools for managing natural resources, sustainable business and management models and tools for companies, institutions, for-profit and non-profit organizations.
This PhD programme will train highly proficient and autonomous figures by offering: advanced methodological and applied courses (mainly during the first year of the programme), study and research experiences in institutions and research centers in Italy and abroad, customized courses and research activities under the guidance of the academic supervisor supported by the other two co-supervisors. 

Research areas

07 – Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences, 
08 – Civil Engineering and Architecture, 
09 – Industrial and Information Engineering, 
12 – Law Studies, 
13 – Economics and Statistics, 
14 – Political and Social Sciences

Some research subjects

  • Sustainability measurement, risk assessment and impact of climate change, green technologies, ecological and energy transition, social innovation, etc. 
  • Non-market valuation for sustainability.
  • The impact of regulations and norms on sustainable development.
  • Business models in a world of technological and organizational change, and social innovation.
  • Sustainable management of businesses, organizations and territories with particular attention to tourism and cultural activities.
  • Impact measurement and social and sustainability reporting (NFRD and CSRD), ESG rating approach
  • Economic inequality, female employment and sustainability
  • Economic development, sustainable trade, sustainability of regions and cities