Director: Elvira Migliario
Deputy-Director: Diego E. Angelucci


  • Philosophy
  • Cultural Heritage
  • History

Educational Aims

The primary objective of the doctorate in ‘European Cultures: Environment, Contexts, Histories, Arts, Ideas’ is leading-edge expertise in the areas of philosophical studies, historical studies and cultural heritage within the framework of European civilization. Participants will hone their methodological and interdisciplinary skills in order to work creatively and autonomously within the research interests of the department. The range and depth of the disciplines offered by the doctorate will equip participants for highly-qualified positions pertaining to (i) research in public institutions and private sectors, and (ii) work in the domains of communications, publishing, and management of museums, libraries, archives and think tanks..

More specifically there are three different curricula

Philosophy. The object of analysis of this specialized curriculum concerns the origins – ancient, medieval and modern – of European philosophical thought, considered along a number of axes: logical-linguistic, ethical-practical-educational, technical-scientific and aesthetic. Focus will also be placed on the diverse religions of Europe as constitutive elements of the heritage common to the diverse range of European identities.

History. Central to the course will be the formation and development of European identities within a comparative perspective, from Greek and Roman civilization up to the present day. Particular attention will be devoted to the historical and historiographical relationship with the German-speaking world, to the building of traditions and of historical memory, and to the evolution of administrative, military and governmental structures of European regions.

Cultural Heritage. The fields of research encompass the multi-faceted cultural heritage within European geographical and environmental space through the study of archaeological evidence, products of art and music, theatre history, documents and archives.

Official language: Italian.

Duration: 3 years