Director: Prof. Luca Deseri
Deputy-director:  Prof. Bruno Majone


  1. Civil and Environmental Engineering
  2. Mechanics, Materials, Chemistry and Energy
  3. Modelling and Simulation
  4. Architecture and Planning, Landscape

Educational Aims:

The mission of the Doctorate is training young researchers in Engineering, Architecture and Applied Science, through the acquisition and development of knowledge, capabilities and skills in the research fields embraced by the School. 
The activity is organized in advanced courses (mainly during the first year of the programme) and research on the theme chosen for the Doctoral Thesis. The output of the research activity must be an original and innovative piece of work.
For the purposes of the doctoral programme, the student must also have developed the ability to conduct research autonomously and effectively communicate the results and methods used to an audience of international experts, both orally and in writing. The candidate must develop the skills necessary to formulate research projects and manage them in national and international contexts, while acquiring the tools necessary to conduct the research work individually and in groups.
The doctorate also aims at developing an exploratory approach to the themes of research and transfer of important and specialized scientific results to problems and applied contexts, with a view to reinforcing the ties between basic and applied research in environmental studies which are important for the society and call for the development of highly innovative technologies, methods, and solutions.

Scientific Areas:

FIS/06 - Physics for Earth and Atmospheric Science;
GEO/04 Physical geography and geomorphology;
ICAR/01 Hydraulics;
ICAR/02 Maritime Hydraulic Construction and Hydrology;
ICAR/03 Environmental and Health Engineering;
ICAR/04 Highways, Railways and Airports;
ICAR/06 Topography and cartography;
ICAR/07 Geotechnics;
ICAR/08 Construction Science;
ICAR/09 Construction Techniques;
ICAR/10 Technical Architecture;
ICAR/14 Architectural and Urban Composition;
ICAR/15 Landscape Architecture;
ICAR/17 Design;
ICAR/18 History of Architecture;
ICAR/19 Restoration work;
ICAR/20 Urban Planning;
ING-IND/22 Science and Technology of Materials;
ING-IND/24 Fundamentals of Chemical Engineering;
ING-IND/33 Electrical Energy Systems;
ING-INF/02 Electromagnetic fields;
MAT/07 Mathematical Physics;
MAT/08 Numerical Analysis.

Duration: 3 years

Official language: English