Alex Pellacani has been appointed Director General of the Trento University effective as of January 2016.

The Director General:

  1. assists, within his competence, the Rector and the other University bodies in their functions, and ensures the implementation of their directives and deliberations within his area of responsibility;
  2. submits to the Board of directors, in agreement with the Rector, the general organizational scheme of the management department and the guiding principles for the development and the promotion of merit among technical and administrative staff, drafts an implementation plan for this purpose and provides for its achievement;
  3. assigns management positions in the management and services departments as established by the regulation;
  4. submits to the Board of Directors, based on the University’s strategic plan, a multi annual plan for the development of services and quality improvement, and reports annually on progress achieved;
  5. adopts the necessary measures in order to ensure a proper monitoring of accounting records and the correct establishment of the final budget, according to the directions included in the University’s financial and accounting regulations.