Full Professors Marcello Busetto
Chair of the Board Faculty of Law
Michele Nicoletti  Department of Humanities
Marina Scarpa Department of Physics/CIMeC
Associate Professors Stefania Brun Faculty of Law
Simona Casarosa Department of Cellular, Computational and Integrative Biology - CIBIO
Researchers Carla Gubert Department of Humanities
Manuela Bragagnolo Faculty of Law

Alternate members:

Full Professors Davide Petrini
University of Turin - Faculty of Law
Associate Professors Caterina Zanella Department of Industrial Engineering
Researchers Lucia Simeoni Department of Civile, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering

Tasks and Responsibilities of the Board of Discipline - art. 18 of the Statute

  1. The Board of Discipline is responsible for the preliminary phase of disciplinary proceedings against professors and researchers where sanctions beyond a reprimand may be imposed. The Board also drafts an opinion to be submitted to the Board of Directors.
  2. The opening of disciplinary proceedings falls within the Rector’s area of responsibility. The Board of Directors, in accordance with the timing and procedures laid down in the relevant regulation, either applies a disciplinary measure or orders the dismissal of the case, in compliance with the binding opinion of the Board of Discipline.
  3. The Board is made up of five professors - three full professors and two associate professors - and two researchers. The members of the Board of Discipline are designated by the Academic Senate, which also appoints the President from among the full professors.
  4. The Board of Discipline endorses the principles of peer review and respects the right of the accused person to be heard. At meetings, the Board sits as a five-member panel, the President and either the full professors or the associate professors or the researchers, according to the rank of the person subject of the disciplinary proceedings.
  5. Board members stay in office for four years and their term can be renewed only once.
  6. The functioning of the Board of Discipline and disciplinary proceedings are the subject of a specific regulation, which has been approved by the Academic Senate.