Daniele Finocchiaro is the managing director of the Italian Foundation for Cancer Research - AIRC.

With more than twenty years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, he was chairman and general manager of GlaxoSmithKline Italy, the largest pharmaceutical company in Italy.

He held several management positions in the main organizations of the sector, as vice president of Farmindustria and of Confindustria Verona, and as president of the chemical-pharmaceutical section of Confindustria Verona.

He holds a degree in International economics from Bocconi University in Milan.

He also earned a Master’s degree in Health economics from Tor Vergata University in Rome and spent 12 months at the J. Nehru University in New Delhi, India, to carry out studies on the country’s economy.

Tasks of the President - article 10 of the Charter of the University of Trento

The President of the Board of Directors is the grantor of the special autonomy of the University of Trento.

In particular the President:

  • initiates and submits proposals for matters regarding issues to be discussed by the Board of Directors, regarding the planning and the administrative and financial management of the University, as well as their supervision and implementation;
  • supervises, in agreement with the Rector, the initiatives regarding the agreements with other national and international bodies, of institutional, managerial and financial nature;
  • is engaged, in agreement with the Rector, in granting to the University the necessary financial means to implement the University strategic plan;
  • promotes and takes care of the University external relationships, with the local institutions;
  • calls and chairs the Board of Directors. In agreement with the Rector, he drafts the agenda of the meetings of the Board of Directors;
  • establishes the Committee to evaluate the candidates to become Rector;
  • calls, in agreement with the Rector, the University Public Assembly and the meetings with the economic and social stakeholders of the area.

In case of absence or impediment the President is replaced by the oldest member of the Board of Directors.