Members for 2021-2025

President Marco Li Calzi
External member Luisa Antonella De Paola
Internal member Alberto Molinari
External member Lorenza Operti
External member Marco Tomasi
Student Riccardo Sidoti

Article 15 – Evaluation Board

  1. The Evaluation Board continuously and systematically verifies the work of the University as regards organisation, research and teaching, and ensures the overall quality of the processes, contributing to the improvement of the internal system of self-assessment and to the advancement of merit.
  2. In particular the Evaluation Board draws up, with full autonomy, an annual report into the implementation of the strategic plan and the achievement of the planned objectives, and submits it to the Governing Board by May of each year.
  3. The Evaluation Board also carries out the tasks assigned to it by state legislation and by the various University regulations.
  4. The Evaluation Board comprises at least four members who are highly qualified professionally in the field of the evaluation of teaching, research and the performance of public administrations, mainly from outside the University, and one student.
  5. The members of the Evaluation Board, including the President, are appointed by the Governing Board in agreement with the Rector; the student is appointed by the Council of Students.
  6. The mandate of the members of the Evaluation Board lasts for four years and is renewable once only. The mandate of the student lasts for two years and is renewable once only.

The documents, annual reports and minutes of the Evaluation Group are available, in Italian, in the download box at the following page: