application/pdfCode of Ethics(PDF | 239 KB)
Date: January 2015

Issue: potential conflict of interest for overlapping functions
Opinion: there is no conflict of interest
General recommendations: the Academic Senate Committee for the Implementation of the Code of Ethics is of the opinion that situations of information asymmetry must be avoided; they do not necessarily imply a conflict of interest but might harm the principles of impartiality and good governance.

Date: March 2015

Issue: potential conflict of interest in awarding contracts
Opinion: there is no conflict of interest
General recommendations:  The Committee, having examined the case and in consideration of the fact that similar situations might occur in the future, underlines that:

  • the University Code of Ethics, under article 5, provides very wide definitions of conducts that constitute an infringement, in particular as concerns conflict of interest, nepotism and favouritism;
  • as a consequence, situations that might have been appropriate under the rules applied before the entry into force of the Code of Ethics, would not be appropriate now;
  • given this transition period, the Committee invites academic and administrative personnel to pay great attention to initiatives that started before the adoption of the Code of Ethics and are still ongoing, so that in their conclusion they respect the principles and the ethical conduct expected.

The Committee, in light of the above, intends to:

  • conduct an assessment of the effective knowledge of the Code of Ethics among the University students, faculty and staff, a year after its adoption, as prescribed by article 2, paragraph 5);
  • adapt all the University’s administrative forms to facilitate the enforcement and the respect of the Code of Ethics, introducing, for instance, self-certifications to evaluate possible situations of nepotism, familism or conflict of interest.